Parent Soccer Rules
Simple rules that everyone should observe:
  • Do not shout instructions to your child during a game. Instructions from the coach and the parents are too confusing.
  • Cheer for your child when he/she plays well, and the rest of the team, as well.
  • Suffer in silence when things go against your child’s team. Displays of anger are embarrassing and unsporting.
  • Do not run up and down the sidelines. Find a spot, relax, and watch the game.
  • Do not shout insults or verbally abuse the referees, coaches, or players. The referee has the authority to eject players and coaches from a game, ask parent to leave the field, or stop the game if any individual becomes unruly.
  • Aid the coach by helping provide refreshments at breaks in the game and practices. Make sure the field is kept clean.
  • Set the tone for good sportsmanship by adopting a positive attitude win or lose. Compliment the good plays and ignore the mistakes.
  • Remember, your child will forget about today’s game but both of you will remember the good time he/she had playing the most popular sport in the world.