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Competitive Teams
Players looking for a more competitive environment when they leave U10 have the opportunity to be selected to play on a Competitive Team, the new divison of soccer in Louisiana that encompasses the old Premier and Division 1 Leagues. Our most experienced coaches pilot these teams through inceased work outs and additional games and tournaments to compete against some of the best players in the state. Teams are allowed to hire professional trainers. The extra focus on performance  gives our players a truly unique and exciting soccer environment to develop their game.
Competitive Team Tryouts for Fall 2017 
U16 Girls FC Tammany Tigers, Coach Stephen Aertker,  June 4th,5th,6th 6:00-8:00PM 
Competitive Teams for Fall 2016
  • U13 Boys Hawks, Coach John Hunt
  • U13 Girls FC Tammany Tigers, Coach Chris Marrione, Contact Mindy Marrione to preregister at
  • U15 Girls FC Tammany Tigers, Coach Stephen Aertker, 
  • U16 Boys Bolt, Coach Al Nastasi
  • U17 Boys United, Coach Tony Judice, Scott Egermayer
  • U18 Boys Gunners, Coaches Tony Judiceof forming U15,of  


Field Schedule Spring 2017 (Field 4)
Date       Age   Home   Away                 Field      Time      Notes  
2/4/17    U13B  Hawks v Cajun Fury      4            noon      league
2/5/17    U13B  Hawks v BRSC Maroon 4            11AM     league
2/11/17  U14B  Pumas v rec league      4              9AM 
2/11/17  U14G Storm v rec league        4             1PM
2/12/17  U13G  Tigers  v Cajun Rage    4            11AM     league
2/19/17  U13B  Hawks  vIberia Rebels 4              4PM     league
2/25/17  U15G Tigers v BR Red            4             11AM    Friendly
3/4/17    U14B Pumas v rec league      4              9AM
3/11/17  U14G Storm v rec league       4             11AM
3/18/17  U14B  Pumas v rec league      4              9AM
3/18/17  U17B  United  v Cajun Fury     4               1PM    league
3/19/17  U13B  Hawks  v MYB Thunder 4             9AM     league
3/19/17  U16B  Bolt v MSC Premier       4             1PM     league
3/22/17  U17B United  v SYSC Green    4              7PM     league
3/25/17  U13G Tigers  v MYB Elite        4              9AM     league
3/25/17 U18B Gunners v HT Blackhawks 4          11AM   league
3/25/17 U16B Bolt v  Crosroads Pride   4               3PM   league 
3/26/17  U16B  Bolt   v    BRSC Red      4              4PM     league 
4/1/17  U18B  Gunners v LA Fire Red  4               1PM    league 
4/2/17 U15G Tigers  v Cajun Rage       4               11AM   league 
4/8/17  U14G  Storm v rec league         4               noon
4/8/17  U14B   Pumas v rec league       4               1:30PM

Field Schedule Fall 2016 (Field 4)

Date       Age     Home       Away       Time    Notes

8/28/16   U18   Gunners  v BR Black   2PM        Firendly

9/3/16     U16   Bolt                             10AM       Friendly

9/10/16    U13  Tigers  v SYSC Green     11AM   League

9/10/16   U13  Hawks   v Cap City United 1PM   League

9/10/16   U18   Gunners v FCNOLA      3PM        League     

9/10/16  U17  United      v   STYSA          5PM    Friendly

9/17/16  U15  Tigers  v    HT LadyHawks  9AM  League

9/17/16  U13  Tigers    v  GSC Blue         11AM  League

9/17/16   U14  Pumas                              1PM   Rec League

9/17/16   U14  Storm                              3PM Rec League

9/18/16   U13 Tigers v Chicago Fire White  2PM  League

9/24/16  U16 Bolt                                      9AM  friendly tentative

9/24/16   U17  United  v  BRSC Black     11AM  League

9/24/16   U13  Hawks v    LA Fire Gray    1PM  League

9/25/16   U13 Hawks  v  Dynamo Jr         1PM League

10/1/16   U15 Tigers v  LA Fire Red          11AM League

10/1/16   U16  Bolt  v   Cap City United    1PM League

10/1/16  U13 Hawks v                            3PM tentative friendly

10/2/16   U16   Bolt                                  9AM Friendly

10/2/16   U17  United                               2PM League

10/8/16   U14 Pumas                                 9AM Rec League

10/9/16   U16 Bolt   v    Cabosa United      9AM League

10/9/16   U17  Fire  v Cabosa                    11AM Guest League Game

10/15/16  U14  Storm                                11AM  Rec League

  10/22/16  U14  Pumas                                 11AM Rec League

10/22/16 U14 Storm                                      1PM Rec League

10/29/16  U14 Pumas                                   11AM Rec League

11/5/16   U13 Hawks  v STYSA Elite          9AM  League

11/5/16   U13 Tigers v BRSC Red               11AM League

11/5/16   U14 Storm                                    1PM  Rec League

11/5/16   U14 Pumas                                   3PM Rec League




Field Schedule Winter 2016

MHS Boys Nov 15, 6&7:30PM

MHS Boys Nov 17 5PM

Piney Woods Tournament (CHS), Nov 19th, 2016

MHS Boys Nov 22 6&7:30PM

MJrH Boys Nov 26th Noon

Mandeville HS boys tournament  Dec 8-10

MJrH boys Dec 13,6PM

Mandeville Girls Tournament Dec ?

Covington Cup JV Tournament (CHS) Jan 7th, 2017

Futbol Finale (CHS) Jan 28th, 2017 




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