Covington Youth Soccer Association
Competitive Teams
Players looking for a more competitive environment when they leave U10 have the opportunity to be selected to play on a Competitive Team. The Competitive program is known as Covington Football Club or Covington FC. Our most experienced coaches pilot these teams through inceased work outs and additional games and tournaments to compete against some of the best players in the state. Teams are allowed to hire professional trainers. The extra focus on performance  gives our players a truly unique and exciting soccer environment to develop their game.

The CFC Crest

  • Elements: Ox lot, pine trees and three rivers (design by Nick Ludwig, Krewe marketing)
  • Colors: dark blue, burgundy, gold and white (local school colors from St Scholastica HS, St Paul's HS, Covington HS, Northlake Christian HS, Wm Pitcher JrH, Archbishop Hannan HS
  • History: Ox lots were part of the original town layout. They were public areas in the middle of each block for trade and commerce. Farmers and merchants brought ox-drawn carts loaded with produce and merchandise to trade and sell hence "ox-lots".
  • History: Pine trees are a salute to Covingon's historical timber industry as well as the contribution to the "Ozone belt". In the late 1800"s people thought the trees charged the atmosphere with a fragrant resin that had intense oxidizing powers (ozone) to destroy malignant organisms in the noxious vapors from the swamp land around New Orleans.
  • History: The three rivers, represented by the three undulating horizontal blue lines, are the Tchefuncte, Bogue Falaya, and the Abita Rivers central to the development of Covington as a waterfront commercial center and vacation destination. 
Competitive Teams for Fall 2018
Spring Field Schedule 2019
Jan 26 Sat 1:00PM Field 3a        U11b Bulls v Cajun Fury            league
Mar 9   Sat   9AM      Field 2        U13b Thunder v MSC Lakers  league
Mar 16 Sat  11AM    Field 2         U13b Thunder v LA Fire  gold  league
Mar 16 Sat  1PM      Field 2         U17b Thunder v LA Fire grey   league
Mar 23 Sat  11AM   Field 3a       U11b Bulls v BRSC black    league
Mar 30 Sat  11AM    Field 2         U15g Tigers  v MSC Lakers Elite  league
Mar 30 Sat  1PM       Field2         U15b  Hawks v BRSC maroon     league
Mar 31 Sun  11AM    Field 2        U15g Tigers  v LA Fire navy       league
Apr 7  Sat     ????   Field 2        U17b Thunder v STYSA              league
Fall Field Schedule 2018 
Aug 12 Sun Field 4        U16g v U15b scrimmage time open
Aug 18 Sat 3PM Field 4 U15b Hawks v MYB 03 Friendly 
Aug 19 Sun 11AM Field 4 U15B Hawks v MSC Friendly
Sep 8 #25 cancel rain
Sep 8 #16 cancel rain
Sep 9 U18B friendly cancel rain
Sep 15 #75 3PM U13BC3  Field 2 Thunder v GSC06 White
Sep 22 #208 11AM U17BC2 Field 2 Thunder v BRSC maroon
Sep 22 #20 1PM    U18BC1  Field 2    Bolt v Shreveport United
Sep 22 #28 1PM    U11Bgold Field 3A Bulls v BRSC 08 red
Sep 22 #68 3PM    U13BC3 Thunder v FC Galaxy 06 orange reschedule to Nov
Sep 23 #25 9:30AM U11Bgold Field 3A Bulls v LA Fire 08 red
Sep 23         1PM   U15BC2  Field 2     Hawks v GSC04 blue  friendly
Sep 30 #45  11AM U15GC1  Field 2    Tigers 04 v SYSC 04 green
Sep 30 #1    1PM   U18BC1   Field 2    Bolt v LA Fire 01 red
Oct 6  #19    9AM   U11Bgold Field 3A Bulls v MSC Lakers 08 black
Oct 6 #30     1PM   U15BC2  Field 2     Hawks v LA Fire 04 grey
Oct 13 #212 1PM   U17BC2  Field 2     Thunder v STYSA Elite 02
Oct 13 #71   3PM   U19BC1  Field 2     Alliance v BRSC 00/01 black
Oct 13 #20   5PM   U18BC1  Field 4    Bolt v Shreveport United
Oct 14 #81   11AM U19BC1  Field 2     Alliance v MSC LAkers 00 Elite
Oct 14 #215 1PM   U17BC2  Field 2     Thunder v Cajun Fury 02 white
Oct 14 #90   3PM   U18BC1  Field 2      Bolt v U19 MYB
Oct 27 #19   3PM   U11Bgold Field 3A  Bulls v MSC Lakers 08 black
Nov 4  #68    3PM   U13BC3  Field 2      Thunder v FC Galaxy 06 orange
Outside Club Events Scheduled
Oct 22-25 Hannan Girls Practices 3:45-5:30
Oct 29-31, Nov 1 Hannan Girls Practices 3:45-5:30
Nov 5 Hannan vs MHS girls scrimmage 5:00 - 8:00PM Field 3
Nov 5 MHS v PRHS boys JV 5:30PM Field 4
Nov 6 PTA v ? 4:00PM Field 3
Nov 6, 8 Hannan Girls Practices 3:45-5:30
Nov 8 5:30 MHS v CHS JV boys Field 4
Nov 17 CHS Piney Woods Tournament (4 fields)
Nov 24 MJH boys  10AM Field 3
Nov 26 5PM PCA girls v St Joe's Field 3
Nov 28 5:00PM Hannan girls JV Field 3
Nov 29 7:00PM MJH boys Field 3
Dec 1 MJH boys 11AM
Dec 7 - 8 Hannan Girls JV Soccer Tournamment (2 Fields)
Dec 13 PCA girls v Lake Castle 3:30; boys v Lake Castle 6PM Field 3
Dec 27-29 MHS Girls Varsity Tournament (evenings)
Jan 5th CHS Boys JV Soccer Tournament
Jan 9 PCA girls v OLL 3:30PM; boys v OLL 4:45PM Field 3
Jan 16 PCA girls v NLC 3:30PM; boys v NLC 4:45PM Field 3


CYSA Field Complex is located at 74020 Penn Mill Rd
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